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Odgajivacnica kratkodlakih foxterriera Strong Fox Kennel ima slobodna tri muska steneta

ostenjena 31,03

Otac INTCH Galileo Domino Fekete majka Agria American Eagle CHJSRB,CHSRB.5XCAC,3XCACIB,7XBOB,2XCLW

Za sve informacije nazovite+38163271751

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Uspesan vikend u Crnoj Gori

CACIB  Čanj 24,11,2018 

                            Meljkuti Mevi Astra JCAC,JBOB,BOB

                             Agria American Eagle u razredu championa CAC,CACIB

                            Strong Fox Amor u razredu Intermedia  CAC,CACIB

CACIB Kotor 25,11,2018

                          Meljkuti Mevi Astra JCAC,JBOB     mladi champion Crne Gore

                           Agria American Eagle CAC CACIB  sampion Crne Gore

                           Strong Fox Amor  CAC,CACIB,BOB sampion Crne Gore

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