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The State Championships for German Shepherds SINO - 2015 SERBIA

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Kennel Club of the Republic of Serbia
National Championship for German Shepherds
SINO-2015-Sid Morović
13.09.2015.g VU "Morović" Morović


Dear Sirs,
They used the opportunity to invite you to visit us and take part in the national contest for German Shepherds SINO 2015
Championship for German Shepherds will be held on 13.09.2015. The
(Sunday), organized by German Shepherd Club of Serbia, KD
Bogatić, and the main sponsor of this event is the Kennel Club of the Republic of Serbia

Judges Cup Serbia:

Attack and defense

The program of priority:

Introducing dogs: 07,00 h-08, 30h
Opening ceremony: 08.45 h-09, 00h
Attack and defense: 09,00 h

Grades dogs :3-6m, 6-9m, 9-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m, 24m across, working class

Entry fee for the dog in any of these classes is RSD 500.00 ( 5 eura ).

Kennels and offspring groups are free

The deadline for applications is 08.09.2015
.gi by that date and the report of the kennel and groups descendant . After the
date received applications will not be in the process.


-Each dog individually and reported to be the property of exhibitors
-Each dog must be tattooed or ID chip
-All dogs older than 12 months must be reviewed on a shot
dogs from the working class must be over 24 months of age, IPO1, HD and
ED enrolled, and the dogs over 36 months from that class must have
kerung.. Also dogs from this class are used to check the sleeve

Prizes in all classes:

-The first three dogs get cup
-The best male and female to receive a cup sleeve
The first three-kennel receive trophy
-The first three groups of offspring receive trophy

Application with proof of payment sent by registered mail to:

Kennel Club "Bogatić" Ul.Drinske Division br.103 15 358 C.Salaš

Payment on the next f-r :330-48000553-71 with a note: special course for NO

Contact tel / fax +381 (0) 15 7787-317 +381 (0) 63 337-686; +381 (0) 64 2760-730



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